Creating lasting memories

Making each moment magical!

Making Dreamz Work for Adults with Disabilities

Dreamz Work, Inc. is a special non-profit organization that was incorporated in 2008. We currently provide personal care for developmentally disabled individuals in their private homes. Dreamz Work DSPs transport our clients to and from medical appointments, assist with grocery shopping, do housekeeping, prepare meals and help with daily tasks including medication regimes. They also engage in conversations and teach social-emotional learning (SEL). Our clients enjoy outings with our friendly staff every week. This is how we make dreams work for adults with disabilities.

Collaborating on what's best for our clients

Our Mission

We make dreams work for adults with disabilities. The organizations’ primary purpose is to advocate, assist, and advise individuals with disabilities. We provide services specifically designed to meet the social, physical, and psychological needs of our clients while promoting health, security, happiness, and individualism.

Our Values

We consider it of great importance for our staff every individual involved with Dreamz Work to know and uphold the law, apply services fairly, hold ourselves and others accountable. Conduct business openly; pursue improvement within the system, and build trust through personal example.